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Dress Code revised Dec 2017


National & County :          White or Grey Trousers/Bowls England                                              approved shorts/Regulation Skirt

Inter Club Leagues:          with Club Shirt

Inter club Matches

Club Competitions                     Grey Trousers/Regulation

Internal Leagues                        Skirt with Predominantly

Spoon Drivers                              White or Club Shirt

Ladies Club


Competition  Finals                            White Trousers/Regulation skirt With Club Shirt

Roll Ups & General Play                     Grey Trousers/ Regulation Skirt  with predominantly

                                                            white or club shirt

Shoes                   Flat soled regulation Bowling Shoe or from a recognised bowling

                             manufacturer No sandals allowed

Shorts                  White or Grey tailored Shorts Outdoors only


Match Meals        White or Grey Trousers/Regulation Skirt with

                              pedominantly White or Club Shirt


Travelling to Matches       White or Grey Trousers/Regulation skirt with Club Shirt


Cold/Wet Weather Gear                  Predominantly White

Knitwear (men)                               Predominantly White

Knitwear(ladies)                             Predominantly White outdoors

Royal Blue indoors


Members are requested to wear “smart casual” clothes on the club premises


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