Wheelchair  Bowls  at Worthing Pavilion Bowling Club

The Club has good links with the governing body for wheelchair bowls in the UK, the British Wheelchair Bowls Association (BWBA). There is an annual match between the Club and the BWBA. In addition, BWBA  Vice Chairman Ian Blackmore is a member at Pavilion.  Ian Blackmore told us, “Wheelchair facilities at the Club are well above average – there is good parking, ramped access to the club-house, accessible toilets, level access to the indoors and two excellent outdoor greens .I have been a member here since 2004 and I have always been impressed by the positive attitude of the Club to wheelchair bowlers.” More information about the BWBA can be found at www.bwba.org.uk


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  Visually Impaired Bowls at Worthing Pavilion Bowling Club

Bowls is one of the most popular games for people with sight loss in the UK and Worthing Pavilion Bowling Club welcomes the Worthing Visually Impaired bowlers   The visually impaired can play a very good game of bowls. Few adaptations to the rules are necessary, though the method of play varies slightly. Once the visually impaired bowler has learnt the techniques of the game, it is possible to play with minimal assistance from sighted partners and/or opponents. You will notice the string stretched between the centre points of the rink. This gives guidance to the player where the centre of the rink is to place the jack and judge where to stand..

For more information contact the Club Secretary 01903 820079 (Monday to Friday am only)

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Bognor “A” Visually Impaired team
winners of 
The Rotary Club Sussex
Visually Impaired Triples Competition 
held at Worthing Pavilion Bowling Club
on the 13th May 2015